kyramarios constanti kyramari at ux5.cso.uiuc.edu
Sat Jan 14 14:30:52 EST 1995

I was told to be more specific about the seizures that my girlfriend 
has.  She is 19 yrs old and has simple petit mal seizures.  In the past 
she has taken various medications including Tegratol, Depakote, and 
Felbatol.  She started having seizures in the 7th grade and medication 
had controlled the seizures until we started going out.  Could I be a 
cause of her seizures? She started having seizures again last March, 
about a month after we started seeing each other.  Her health is more 
important to me than anything.

	Constantine S. Kyramarios  
        (a confused 18 year-old)

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