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>>i need some info. Do astrocytes express any of the following substances ?
>>Or could you point me towards a review which additional info ?
>>some of these factors are neurotransmitters, so this makes me wonder:
>>vip, tph,somatostatin, subst. P, cck,neuropept. Y, CGRP, LIF,
>>thanks in advance,
>>clemens, heidelberg
>   Generally, only nerve cells (neurons) are involve in nerotransmitter 
>secretion-signalling.  Signalling is the function of neurons.  Astrocytes 
>are involve in many other functions-mostly in the maintenance of the blood 
>brain barrier.  It has been postulated that astrocytes are involve in the 
>policing of excess K+ ions due to the constant firing of brain neurons.  The 
>permeability of astrocytes allows for uptake of Cl- ions thereby maintaining 
>electrical neutrality.  Astrocytes are considered as the third major class 
>of glial cell, which are the most numourous, and at the same time the most 

Actually, I remember reading fairly recently (don't you hate when you can't
remember a citation!) about some new research done on glia cells, again I
forget which type, that suggested that some of them at least might be
communicating to neurons.  I think it was an issue of Science, maybe two,
maybe three months back.  Sorry, I know this isn't much help -- might try
checking abstracts at the library.  However, I do remember the article and
being fascinated with it at the time. (Unfortunately, grad school forces the
really interesting things out of one's head, in pursuit of what someone else
considers interesting!)
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