love and neurotransmitters

Thomas R. Gregg greggt at
Sat Jan 14 14:41:45 EST 1995

>>> >Between mof2n at fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU (Milton Omar Faison)'s comment 
>>> >
>>> >>I was watching that BRAIN show on the Discovery channel and
>>> >>heard some information that I find hard to swallow.  They
>>> >>attributed love to a release of dopamine, norepi, and epi
>>> >>which, beyond the fluttery heart and sweaty palms, also leads
>>> >>to a loss of logic or "love."  I'm only in my first semester in
>>> >>a neuroscience grad program, but i haven't heard anything that
>>> >>justifies this, and I was wondering if anyone could provide
>>> >>some kind of justification to this.

How about Schacter's theory of emotion perception?  One's body goes into a 
state of autonomic arousal (Norepi), and one *interprets* that state as 
love, anger, fear, etc., depending on the circumstances.  This would 
correspond to a peripheral release of norepi, in the sympathetic nervous 
system, not central norepi activity.

>All of our thoughts and feelings, no matter how euphoric or bizzare are 
>due to interactions of neurochemicals, neurons, hormones, etc.

It's safer to say thoughts & feelings are *correlated with* neural activity.


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