nontechnical info about botox

Susan Hayes venus at
Sun Jan 15 00:02:49 EST 1995

   I'm looking for information about the drug commonly referred to as 
botox (I forget the full name) and any work done with it recently. 
Articles or personal experience would be a tremendous help.
   For background information, I'm a 25 year old college graduate, member 
of Mensa, who had a bicycle accident at the age of 9. The result of this 
was a left subdural hematoma, which was removed, leaving me with a limp.
   Approximately 2 years AFTER the accident, I began having difficulty 
using my left hand. Now, 14 years later, it's to the point where I have a 
great deal of difficulty controlling my left hand, (Think Dr. Strangelove 
(g)) Seriously, tho, I had a botox injection nearly 2 years ago, in April 
of '93. The result was astonishing! My neurological team videotaped me 
both before and after the injection in the hope of getting insurance 
companies to fund the procedure. (Mine was funded by a private grant) I 
have a different insurance company and hence, different doctors now. My 
current insurance company wont pay for the botox, either, deeming it 
"experimental". I'm looking for information, aside from the videotapes 
and doctors' recommendations to send to my insurance company as well as 
local Congressmen. 
   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                          Susan Hayes

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