Human memory research

Thomas R. Gregg greggt at
Sat Jan 14 22:50:13 EST 1995 <joyweave at linet01> wrote:
>What I'd like to know is whether any out  there knows of any current 
>research related to how memory is "created" and built in the human brain, 
>particularly in the pre-natal to age six or so years.

I know some related research:  Kandel's work on _Aplysia's 
sensitization and habituation (simple forms of learning).  He found that 
_Aplysia's sensory neurons change their level of response to a given 
stimulus, depending on what happened previously.

Research suggests that protein synthesis is involved in learning.  Some 
think that the strengthening and weakening of synaptic connections (or 
formation and disappearance of connections) is the cellular basis of memory.

LTP in the hippocampus and cortex may be involved.


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