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Thomas R. Gregg greggt at brahms.udel.edu
Sat Jan 14 22:30:25 EST 1995

caudle at irp.nidr.nih.gov <caudle at irp.nidr.nih.gov> wrote:
>Tom Salyers  <at425 at yfn.ysu.edu> wrote:
>>  My central question is this: is the human sense of passing time a factor
>>of neurochemistry?
>IMHO -  The passage of time is really a physical event rather than a 
>chemical one.  To measure time we take some quantity of information and 

It seems to our brains that time passes, but does time really pass?  Does 
time really move in the forward direction?  Perhaps time is an illusion. 
I realize this sounds flaky.  Robert Caudle's response to Tom Salyers's 
question is right on one level.  But if we inquire more deeply, maybe we 
will find that the passage of time is not a physical event, but our 
misperception of physical reality.

I would be interested in hearing from physicists.

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