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The Neuro-Psych Forum and its neuro-psych mailing list were established to
extend the activities of InterPsych into the area of clinical neuro-psych.
This mailing list is the first world-wide bringing together, by way of
Internet, of clinicians involved in the practice and development of 
clinical neuro-psych.  
The Forum has over 200 members from Argentina, Australia, Austria, 
Brazil, Canada, Chile. Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, 
New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, 
Turkey, UK, USA, and Venezuela
The purpose of the Forum and mailing list is to facilitate the discussion
of all aspects of clinical neuro-psych among professionals. Clinical
neuro-psych is broadly defined as to include all clinical aspects of
neurobehavioral (neurobiologic) disorders.  It corresponds to what is 
usually referred to as neuropsychiatry and/or neuropsychology.
In addition to the mailing list, the Neuro-Psych Forum is planning
a series of on-line real-time conferences during which participants from
various parts of the world may interact via Internet's IRC service to 
discuss recent developments in clinical neuro-psych.  An Electronic
Journal of Neuro-Psych is also in the planning stages.
To allow for the free exchange of information between professionals,
ONLY psychologists, physicians, neuroscientists, other health care 
professionals, and graduate students in health-related fields, may 
subscribe to this mailing list.
There are no fees involved in subscribing to the list.
Using any computer system that can send and receive e-mail via Internet, 
you may start the subscription process by sending me an e-mail informing 
me of your desire to join the Neuro-Psych Forum and the associated mailing
list.  Address your e-mail message to me at one of the e-mail addresses 
If you have any questions about InterPsych's Neuro-Psych Forum or the
Neuro-Psych Mailing List, please e-mail them to me.
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