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>I'm working on a PhD related to Hypnotherapy and Early 
>Childhood Memories.  I've done quite a bit of reading 
>in neurobiology and neurochemistry (some of which I 
>even understood).
>What I'd like to know is whether any out  there knows 
>of any current research related to how memory is 
>"created" and built in the human brain, particularly in 
>the pre-natal to age six or so years.
>I read of a recent animal research finding related to a 
>genetic "switch" that may turn on memory storage.  I'd 
>like some leads on that or anything else related to the 
>And-- does anyone know how to find research into the 
>state of the brain during hypnosis?
Dear Joy, 

We are neighbors here in NY.I suggest you read the book 
entitled "The Wet Mind: The New Cognitive Neuroscience" by 
Stephen M. Kosslyn and Oliver Koenig, Macmillan, Inc., New 
York, 1992. You won't be able to put it down.It is a fully 
documented work which is worthwhile, even for the bibliography 
alone after each chapter. Very very detailed. It goes into 
neural network models in terms of in-put/out-put mapping.  
Also, check the recently started up Journal called the Journal 
of Cognitive Neuroscience. A combination of these materials 
should bring you into current, cutting edge strategies in 
memory in-put, coding, decoding and motor program out-puts, 
combined with current neurobiochemical research developments. 
You won't be the same (you will have new, complicated and 
complex synapse connections in this area!)after reviewing this 
latest stuff on synapse biology and memory. 

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