receptor expression: connection to lateralization?

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Tue Jan 17 14:54:34 EST 1995

Recently, I posted a message about cerebral lateralization and got one
response. I guess maybe my question is too big.

I wonder whether people doing in situ hybridization noticed differential
expression between right and left hemisphere (not necessarily neocortex,
any brain stuctures with two sides). My guess is not (otherwise, I should
have seen them on Nature or Science cover story?). I found that there
were reports that there are dopamine untake lateralization (right side
has more than left side, time: 1985) but can not find any follow-up work. 

I still welcome theories about lateralization (developmental
aspect).There are anatomical differences between the two hemispheres, is
this the base of lateralization? That means more anatomical then

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Thanks again.

Shiping Tang

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