Global Brain Ischemia in Rats

Gary Krause gkrause at
Wed Jan 18 09:58:39 EST 1995

I have not heard of that particular model and I would be doubtful of its 
utility.  You must be more precise in your model than asking for global brain 
ischemia.  For example, if you are studying stroke, then the Pulsinelli model 
of 4 vessel occlusion is the best (or at least the most widely used).  If on 
the other hand you are studying cardiac arrest models, then you must produce a 
cardaic arrest.  The difference between the two models is what is going on 
with the rest of the body.  Serum from cardiac arrested rats causes several 
toxic effects when administered to a normal rat.  There is some type of 
synergism between different areas of the body during ischemia so that the two 
models produce different results.  Good luck


Gary Krause (gkrause at
Department of Emergency Medicine
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI USA

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