Confused about seizures

David dhe at
Tue Jan 17 15:31:36 EST 1995

In response to a post of mine, wcalvin at (William
Calvin) writes:

>  George Ojemann and I just wrote a popular book 
>on brain mechanisms that uses an epilepsy operation as the focal point 
>for a tour of the brain.  It's CONVERSATIONS WITH NEIL'S BRAIN:  The 
>Neural Nature of Thought and Language (Addison-Wesley 1994)

...and I read it two weeks ago, enjoyed it tremendously, and
recommended it to an intelligent nonscientist friend.  It's a
reasonably detailed yet friendly intro to functional neuroanatomy, for
people who don't want to read something too textbookish.

For people who have already read the textbooks, this book contains
anecdotes that won't be found elsewhere.  I teach an undergraduate
course in physiological psychology, and I'm gonna make sure I mention
the temporal-lobe Led Zeppelin area.

--David Epstein
  dhe at

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