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> Actually, I remember reading fairly recently (don't you hate when you can't
> remember a citation!) about some new research done on glia cells, again I
> forget which type, that suggested that some of them at least might be
> communicating to neurons.  I think it was an issue of Science, maybe two,
> maybe three months back.  Sorry, I know this isn't much help -- might try
> checking abstracts at the library.  However, I do remember the article and
> being fascinated with it at the time. (Unfortunately, grad school forces the
> really interesting things out of one's head, in pursuit of what someone else
> considers interesting!)
> >  C.R. Cooper
>    Dept. of Anthropology
>    SUNY at Albany

Yes you're right; the article was Science 263(5154):1768-1771 March 25

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