EGTA, BAPTA stability constants

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Fri Jan 20 11:16:41 EST 1995

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(Peter Appenrodt) wrote:

> I am looking for stability constants for EGtA and BAPTA at 37 deg C.
> Most data I found by know are measured at room temperature and can not
> be used in experiments with physiological temperatures.
> Any hints will be welcome.
> Cheers,
> Peter
> p.appenrodt at

You could convert the constants from room temperature to 37 C by using van
't Hoff's isochore. Most software involved in calculating free ion
concentrations, like Chelator (by myself) and MaxChelator (by Chris
Patton, Stanford), can do this. If it's just one or two constants, you can
do it by hand of course.

All the best,
Theo Schoenmakers

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