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docbob at docbob at
Fri Jan 20 13:09:07 EST 1995

 * Forwarded from the 74-bion conference on the DSP BBS.
 * Original from Doc Bob to IN: ARCHIVE at FUNUNIV.COM dated 01-08-95.

 þ SPEED 1.40 #1686 þ MSI HQ! BBS - Home of Off-Line Xpress 805-395-0650

 þ SPEED 1.40 #1686 þ ... Truncated:  What happened to the peanut at the zoo

  DSP Information & Entertainment, Personal & Professional Internet services,
  email info at with send index as topic for information about DSP I&E
  services. Or use (510)865-9778 for direct access and free trial.              

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