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In article <3fec1k$j8l at falcon.ccs.uwo.ca>, nkrenz at ctrg.rri.uwo.ca (Natalie Krenz
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>kyramarios constanti (kyramari at ux5.cso.uiuc.edu) wrote:
>: She started having seizures in the 7th grade and medication
>: had controlled the seizures until we started going out.  Could I be a
>: cause of her seizures? She started having seizures again last March,
>: about a month after we started seeing each other.  Her health is more
>: important to me than anything.
>       From what I know about epilepsy, I would find it hard to believe
>that your presence could cancel the effect of her medication. Unless you
>were beating her about the head or something, I can't imagine that it is
>you setting off these seizures.
>Natalie Krenz
Well yes he could be the cause of the seizures.  Seizures can be learned and
set off by similar stimuli.  The immune system can be turned off by a learned
stimulus.  You can even die if you take your heron at your friends house
rather than your house.

Should he give up the girl friend?  No!
Ron Blue

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