amygdaloid stimulation

David dhe at
Mon Jan 23 06:44:22 EST 1995

schultz at (Simon R. Schultz) writes:

>I recently read of experiments where electrical stimulation of the
>amygdala was shown to lead to intense emotional feelings in the
>subject. (I think it was in Lynch & Ambros-Ingerson's monograph
>"Memory's Highway", but I don't have their email addresses). However,
>no reference was given on this (it was just an 'aside'.) Does anyone
>know the reference? I'd be intrigued to know how such an experiment
>could be carried out.

Try this:

  Heath RG. Correlation of brain activity with emotion: a basis for 
  developing treatment of violent-aggressive behavior. J Am Acad 
  Psychoanal 20(3): 335-346, 1992.

It contains descriptions of how electrical stimulation of lateral
portions of the amygdala can produce pleasure, while electrical
stimulation of more medial portions can produce rage.  Yes, in humans.


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