Peter Robinson Peter at
Wed Jan 25 09:39:00 EST 1995

In article: <3g0atj$od7 at>  Clemens Suter-Crazzolara <un691cs at> writes:

> > Could I ask you to be more specific as to the publisher of this 
> > journal.

> well, I AM sorry.
> However, Neuroreport is a pretty good journal, and it would perhaps
> be of benifit to your company if people would believe you are 
> associated with this journal...

I was going to give your reply the response it deserves by ignoring it 
when you e-mailed it to me, however, the fact that you have decided to 
post it as well gives me no option. 

If I was replying personally, I would respond in an equally rude way 
as you have chosen to do but as an employee of an internationally 
known and respected company, this would do neither I nor the company
any good.

Instead, may I point out that the reason I asked you to be more 
specific, was not to disassociate us from the journal, but was merely 
to cause less confusion to anyone who is not familiar with the journal 
but would like to find out more about it.

> The fact that you are commonly known just as 'Oxford' is probably
> true for several hundred companies in your area, 

Even more reason for you making your posting clearer.


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