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Thu Jan 26 07:44:28 EST 1995

smori at (Shahram Mori) writes:

>Dear Neurobiologists,
>I wanted to ask your opinion on neurotropic factors (like CNTF, BDNF
>NGF used as drugs for neurological diseases. Knowing that these peptides are
>degraded intravenously and/or can't cross the BBB, what are their chances in
>effectivity? Implantation in CSF? 
>Are there any people/companies on drug delivery for these factors? I would be
>interested on who you think the leaders are in neurological drug discovery.

Try these:

Neurotrophic Factors enter the clinic: Barinaga, M., Science v.264,

Neurotrophic factors: from molecule to man: Lindsay, R. M., Wiegand, S.
Altar, C. A. and DiStefano, P. S., Trends in Neurosciences, v.17,

Also useful:

Clinical applications of cell transplantation and neurotrophic
factors in CNS disorders: Lindvall, O. and Odin, P., Current Opinion in
Neurobiology, v.4,
p.752-757 (1994).

In vivo and ex vivo gene transfer to the brain: Fisher, L. J. and Ray,
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, v.4, p.735-741 (1994).

Also try the WWW RNeurotrophin Homepage at: 
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