photic stim, quacks, neuroscientists wanted in Boston

Xochi Zen x at
Thu Jan 26 17:27:09 EST 1995

	A lot of the mind machine producers seem to assume that there are
	specific states of consciousness / psychological states that 
	correspond to particular brain-wave rhythms - i.e. alpha, theta,
	delta - they _especially_ love theta - associating it with bursts 
	of creative insight, hypnogic imagery, etc. Are there any text books
	I could read that would explain things like EEG, brain-waves and 
	their correlation to states of consciousness responsibly? Apparently,
	very little is known regarding how psychological states are 
	mediated at the physiological level. Are there any articles I might
	find that would demonstrate/mention this? Which researchers today
	are doing responsible work on how psychological states are 
	mediated at the physiological level? Are there any researchers 
	here living in the Boston area who would consent to be interviewed
	about all of this? As you may already know, I'm working on an article
	on "mind machines" from a skeptical perspective. Hutchison's popular
	book _Megabrain_ has given people a lot of wrong ideas about 
	human consciousness, and I'd like to disabuse folks of some of
	these ideas. Many thanks.

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