Dreams, location of?

Brad Wyble bradw at cs.brandeis.edu
Thu Jan 26 13:34:36 EST 1995

Followup to article requesting location of dreams in the mind.

I've read an article on this exact topic but am unable to remember it
for the life of me.  Perhaps this post will jog someone else's memory.

very frustrating, were I much older than 22, I would posit the
introduction of some sort of senile dementia into my cognitive faculties.

What you have proposed is very similar to the apparatus in this
article.  Basically, there's a loop in the frontal area of the brain,
one that would involve the anterior attentional processing system I
imagine, that feeds itself.  When awake, input from sensory areas
impinges on this loop, creating our perceptual world.  When asleep,
there is inhibition of something much higher up than striate cortex
that squelches the sensory inputs and allows the loop to feed itself.

Now the various sensory modalities are (according to some) affected by
back projection from the higher centers that can alter sensory
experience.  So perhaps the higher areas are more free to alter the
sensory maps in the sleeping condition.  I remember that alpha waves
are present in the visual cortex whenever the eyes are closed.    

Please pardon the speculative nature of this reply as it's constructed
mostly from dim recollections of the aforementioned article and my own
meandering thoughts.  

If I happen to remember, I'll reply personally.  

					Brad Wyble
					bradw at cs.brandeis.edu

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