Flicker and learning rate?

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I would like feedback on David's question.
Ron Blue

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Subject: COP and frame rate in VR

     Hi Ron:)
     I've been applying COP theory to various perceptual phenomena and it seems
     to explain them very well.  One of these phenomena, the barfogenic
     zone(descriptive, eh?), occurs in a virtual reality simulation with
     low frame rates for the screen update.  Smooth  motion is perceived
     when the frame rate is at ~30hz.  The barfogenic zone is a range of
     frame rate values between 12-20hz or so(I haven't found the article
     I read describing this zone yet).  In this zone, most people seem to
     get severely nauseated and often lose their cookies so to speak:)
     This frequency range also appears to correlate with the BETA brainwave
     state.  What about finding an optimum frequency(frame rate) to display
     information that would improve a person's ability to absorb and
     remember that info...
     Do you think it's possible?
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