cheap CCD for fluorescence

misiak at misiak at
Fri Jan 27 14:13:18 EST 1995

Help please...
I am looking for information on cheap cooled CCD that I could use for
fluorescence work. I am trying to use SBFI for Na+ quantification in 
marine diatom cells. Also is anyone out there using a First Magnitude
Co. cooled ccd's for a similar type of work (e.g. Ca2+ quantification 
with FURA)? If so, I'd like to know how useful they are.
Since I don't subscribe to this group, please answer to my email address
misiak at
I have posted this question on other newsgroups (microscopy techniques,
biophysics) and I got a lot of requests for summary of the messages I 
received. I will do so. If you would find it interesting, I'll gladly
post it here too.
Thanks in advance
Grazyna Tokarczyk
misiak at

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