Paralysis Research Newsgroup?

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Thu Jan 26 05:59:49 EST 1995

In article <3fu1gr$cu3 at> Greg Winget <wingetg at> writes:
>From: Greg Winget <wingetg at>
>Subject: Paralysis Research Newsgroup?
>Date: 22 Jan 1995 16:35:39 GMT

>Is there enough interest in the open discussion of medical research
>related to the eventual cure of spinal cord paralysis, to warrant a
>Newsgroup? I'm thinking about such interdisciplinary fields as molecular
>biology, genetic engineering, neural (nuclear) imaging, nerve growth
>factors, specialized surgical procedures, neural tissue transplantation,
>pharmacological agents, intense physical therapy, nonlinear signal 
>processing, etc.

>Comments would be appreciated.




I would very much wellcome such an idea. Nothing would be as awarding as a 
breakthrough in this area. Therefore there should be a special newsgroup for 
spinal trauma and spinal cord paralysis. That newsgroup should cover the whole 
range ( from basic research to clinical problems ) 
By  the way could you or someone else provide me with information ( a list of 
groups maybe ) of people working in this field ( basic research and 
experimentell treatment modalities in particular). I would like to join such a 
group. But I couldn`t find anyone working in this field so far. 

Cheers, Berend  

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