amygdaloid stimulation

Frank Adams adamsf at
Fri Jan 27 19:00:57 EST 1995

During the late sixties and early seventies there were a series of 
experiments using intracranial stimulation on human subjects.  Amygdaloid 
stimulation was included in them.  They were reviewed extensively in a 
book called Brain Control by Elliot Valenstein.  The original experiments 
were done by Robert Heath.

There's lots of fascinating material in them.  Attempts to "cure" a 
homosexual by allowing the subject to stimulate his own septal region 
while whatching strait porn films.  Heath claimed success.  

This should give you a good starting point.

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On Mon, 23 Jan 1995, Simon R. Schultz wrote:

> I recently read of experiments where electrical stimulation of the amygdala
> was shown to lead to intense emotional feelings in the subject. (I think it was in Lynch & Ambros-Ingerson's monograph "Memory's Highway", but I don't have their email addresses). However, no reference was given on this (it was just an 'aside'.) Does anyone know the reference? I'd be intrigued to know how such an

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