Seeking Advice on Neurosurgery

eddie monroe emonroe at
Sat Jan 28 18:11:11 EST 1995

My 20 year old brother had an MRI yesterday because of loss of hearing in 
his right ear and we were surprised to find out he has a "large right 
acoustic neuroma with brain compression."  The local doctor recommended 
that neurosurgery be performed as soon as possible at a specialized site 
because of the large size of the tumor.  Three sites around the country 
were recommended.
I want to make sure he gets the best possible care and am looking for 
second opinions concerning the best facility to take him to.  If you are 
knowledgeable in this area, could you please give advice concerning the 
best site.  Specifically, what site and to which neurosurgeon would you 
take your son or daughter if he or she required such an operation.
Responses can be posted here or e-mailed to emonroe at
Thank you very much; your consultation is much appreciated.

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