novice interest

Leroy Higdon roydon at
Sun Jan 29 13:23:10 EST 1995

Can anyone advise reading material conserning new or ongoing research 
in the area of genetic influences on the mechanics of information 
storage and retreval in the human brain?

As one not well versed in the subject matter, I suggest that there is 
reason to suspect that there may be a stroung genetic influance present 
at conception which is responsible for constructing pathways to various 
parts of the brain and which influences an indiviguals thought process 
and dictates his or hers interest throughout life. This influence is 
modified by environment over time but it is the dominent force by which 
the indivigual preceives all aspects of their surroundings. For example, 
a child born to world class musicians tends to be farmore apt in the 
area of music than one who is not. Is it possible that this child has 
far grater connections in more areas of the brain which are directly 
related to music? Can this explane why this child might be fare more 
sensitive, even in early years, to tones, pitch, recall of music related 
memory, musical intrest, etc. If genitics have so prefound an inpact on 
evry other aspect of the human construct then how can the brains 
functionality not be equally influenced by the same genetic sceam of 

I would appreciate any and all comments and information from anyone with 
information in this area of thought or study.

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