Eugenics/Euthenics - where?

Brian Sandle Brian_Sandle at
Sun Jan 29 10:29:27 EST 1995

Corby Michael Johanneson (cmjohann at wrote:
: Is there a discussion group currently talking about the ethical
: concerns of eugenics; embryo cloning; and genetic technology
: intended for use with human beings?
:  If you know of such a group, please contact me and advise
: upon where the group is - I'd like to be a part of it.

:     Corby Johanneson
:     cmjohann at

I'd like to know, too. By the way submissions are due on the New Zealand 
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Bill on February 3rd. Ask you want my
previous posts to other groups, mainly questioning who should know about
'low risk' research 'in containment', other than researchers and an
investigator appointed by the Hazards Commission.

Brian R.Sandle.

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