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:	A lot of the mind machine producers seem to assume that there are
:	specific states of consciousness / psychological states that 
:	correspond to particular brain-wave rhythms - i.e. alpha, theta,
:	delta - they _especially_ love theta - associating it with bursts 
:	of creative insight, hypnogic imagery, etc. Are there any text books
:	I could read that would explain things like EEG, brain-waves and 
:	their correlation to states of consciousness responsibly? Apparently,
:	very little is known regarding how psychological states are 
:	mediated at the physiological level. Are there any articles I might
:	find that would demonstrate/mention this? Which researchers today
:	are doing responsible work on how psychological states are 
:	mediated at the physiological level? Are there any researchers 
:	here living in the Boston area who would consent to be interviewed
:	about all of this? As you may already know, I'm working on an article
:	on "mind machines" from a skeptical perspective. Hutchison's popular
:	book _Megabrain_ has given people a lot of wrong ideas about 
:	human consciousness, and I'd like to disabuse folks of some of
:	these ideas. Many thanks.
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I think that one of the most current texts that confronts some of these
issues is
%A P.L. Nunez
%B Neocortical Dynamics and Human EEG Rhythms
%I Oxford University Press
%C New York, NY
%D 1995
which should be out later this year.  In my archive in my signature
are some papers which overlap with my chapter in this book.  In
directory /pub/ingber/MISC.DIR the file nunez95_preface.txt gives the
(draft) preface to the book by Paul Nunez.


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