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>I am looking for information on planaria and on memory transfer in
>invertebrates.  If anyone knows of any resources on either of these, I'd
>appreciate it.
>Thanx :)
>Amber Ballweg
 Wow! This takes me back to the 1960s when Dr. James V. McConnell from
University of Michigan Psychology department was doing this research.
At the time I was fascinated with it and tried some crude experiments,
t we had technical difficulties back in 1962 with extracting RNA! I
still hqave a letter from the Eli Lily company describing a technic
that had me grinding planaria with sand! Anyway, McConnell published
his own Journal on this planaria research called " The Worm Runner's
Digest". I'm sure back copies are quite rare and valuable, but you
might be able to track some down through U. Mich. Let me know what
you find out as I'm still a little curious about the work...and besides,
planaria are actually fun to work with.
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