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Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Mon Jan 30 16:50:07 EST 1995

Jeffrey Sirianni (sirianni at wrote:
> Does anyone know of a way to search Medline via WWW or Gopher
> site.  Searches at UT-Austin are restricted to the CD-ROM
> database (1990-present) or via Nexis/Lexis, which both
> require using a terminal on campus.  I am interested in
> accessing from home or via our lab's terminal connection
> via Telnet or Mosaic.  Any ideas ??

AFAIK there is no possibility on the net to search the full medline set
for free. There are, to my knowledge, two subsets of medline available
on the net, one as a subset of Entrez, the other at the NCBI. Here are
the URLs: (Entrez) (NCBI)

There is also Uncover, usable via telnet:


If you know other sites, I would really appreciate an email :-)


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