Twitching/jerking while falling asleep?

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>        This sounds good, but one can't overlook a simple discharge
>especially if a person is very acitve.  Rest would be "abnormal" so really
>the body is simply adjusting to non-actvity.  If you are an active person,
>it could be justintermittent discharges of of electrical activity kind of
>like miniature end-plate potentials.

If you've experienced the phenomenon you would know it is not merely the
firing of a few neurons and a few muscle fibers - I would call it a
whole-body jerk rather than a twitch.  I don't think the MEPP analogy holds

>  There is also the possibility of early
>dreams which I myself have almost immediately into sleep which can also
>trigger reactions.

But remember, when you begin dreaming you actually have inhibition of motor
activity - unlike the simple decrease in muscle tone associated with light
sleep before dreaming begins.  Movements during dreaming would indicate a
problem with the inhibitory pathway.  And here's another question for you:
how do you quantitate the time from the point you fall asleep to the point
you begin dreaming? 
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