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> :Hi there ..
> :
> :I am interested in getting a PhD in Neuroscience ..could
> :someone tell me what area is best to major in for my BSc?
> :I'm currently planning to major in psychology, supplemented
> :by classes in neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, and neuroanatomy.
> :Would this fulfill the requirements to be admitted to a
> :representative neuroscience program?
> :
> :Thanks,
> :
> :Lisa Olson
> I think that it will depend a lot on what you want to do in
> "neuroscience." If you major in psychology you will graduate with a
> naturally sociological bent towards the science; your PhD work and career
> will probably be higher systems oriented, and may involve a lot of
> clinical psychology experiments. On the other hand, if you majored in
> molecular biology or biophysics, you would work on neuroscience at the
> level or individual neurons and neuronal circuits. Then there is a whole
> range in between.
> In short, you should take clasees that most interest you in order to
> insure that you will end up doing the research that most interests you.
> Decide what you want to do more specifically, and then take classes to
> prepare you for that. Do not ignore non-neurology classes. A good
> background in molecular genetics and biochemistry is very important too.
> Good luck!
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This sounds like good advice.  I'd also like to recommend keeping up with
math courses, and a bit of computer science and/or electrical engineering
wouldn't hurt either.  These probably won't be requirements for acceptance
into a particular program but may give you some useful background in some
areas.  As mentioned above, it'll really depend on what your particular
interests are. 


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