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Tue Jan 31 23:31:15 EST 1995

It's not possible to give medical advice on internet.  But
oligodendrogliomas can either be inferred by MR images, or
determined by a biopsy, often a stereotaxic biopsy (about 1x5 mm)
through a small burr hole.

Tumors of the brain substance itself, like oligodendrogliomas,
are serious tumors in adults, especially past middle age.  However,
in the situation that was described, different surgeons may differ
on whether it is operable or not.  Oncologists will caucus on
whether surgical intervention would improve the quality and
length of life--in general, as the first surgeon implies,
the tumor is 'inoperable' in that it is often not curable.  The
state of the art is that oncologists will also sometimes vary
on whether the risks and benefits of chemotherapy indicate its 
use or indicate it should not be invoked.   This may not sound
like useful advice....but in fact, it _is_  what the situation is
today: that oncologists and surgeons _will_ vary in their advice,
and you have to work from there.  There is a fairly wide range
of outcomes in the natural history of different patients with
a frontal lobe oligodendroglioma.  

Scott25 (scott25 at aol.com) wrote:
: I need to find out as much information regarding this brain tumor by
: Thursday, 2-2-95.  My dad was diagnosed with this tumor.  Our appointment
: with the oncology team is on Thursday.  His tumor is located in his
: frontal left lobe.  According to the neurosurgeon it is "inoperatable" and
: its growth nature is aggressive.  Please help!  Thank you.

: Scott R. Howard

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