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CBS News: Negative ion therapy for depression / anxiety

Evan B. Stubbs estubbs at orion.it.luc.edu
Fri Jun 16 16:59:53 EST 1995

Daniel Stapleton (DanielS at ic.net) wrote:
: Hello all,

: On 2/14/95 CBS Evening News with Connie Chung, Dr. Bob Arnot did a story
: about negative ions and their effect on mood.  They talked about a study
: done at Columbia University where exposure to a high density negative ion
: generator was as effective in treating winter depression as medication.

Now really Dan....Please. Perhaps this was the story that led to the 
final demise of Connie Chung with the CBS evening news. I try to have an 
open mind about these 'things'. But a negative ion generator? What is a 
negative ion generator? I think most of us realize what happens if one 
generates an electrical potential difference between an object and, say 
ones finger. Zap! 

: I became very interested because I have suffered from depression and
: anxiety for years, and I did extensive research on negative ions.  In
: doing the research, I found that negative ion generators are not only
: therapeutic for winter depression, but also have shown to be useful for
: regular depression, anxiety, irritability, etc.  So I bought a small, high
: density generator and it has given me substantial relief from my
: symptoms.  

: I also found a newspaper article discussing the fact that computer
: monitors emit positive ions - the opposite of negative ions.  In the
: article, a consultant to the FDA says that computer monitors give off
: large amounts of positive ions and can actually cause depression, stress,
: fatigue, etc. in people who sit in front of computers a lot - like all of
: us Netters - and that we need negative ion replenishment.  

: If any of you would like me to e-mail you a transcript of the CBS news
: story, the newspaper article, as well as the other research that I have
: found, just e-mail me at DanielS at ic.net.

: -dan

Again, good for you that your feeling better. However, ionizing radiation 
strong enough to penetrate skin has been proven to be hazardous. I'm not 
certain, but I doubt an electron gun, such as TV or computer CRTs, 
actually produced ions that result in harmful radiation. Although I'm 
certain there are 'reports' that attempt to prove just that. Another one 
is the low field electromagnetic radiation we are bathed in from high 
voltage electrical towers. The jury is still out on that issue as well.


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