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Cerbellar stimulation/the temporal lobe and religious estacy

William C. Easttom II skeptic at icon.net
Fri Jun 2 21:10:19 EST 1995

I have a rather tentative hypothesis and I would appreciate any input you 
might care to give me.

The evidences which led me to my hypothesis are:
1.  Studies have linked hyper activity in the temporal lobe with religiously 
estatic experiences (glossalalia etc.).

2.  Cerbellar stimulation has been firmly linked to emotional stability ( or 
the lack therof).  Cerbellar stimulation being defined as rythmic motions that 
stimulate the cebellar.

3.  Early cerebellar stimulation has been linked to normal neurological 
developement in the lymbic system, thus contributing to normal emotional 

4.  Definite connections have been established between the cerebellum and the 
lymbic system thus explaining point two.

5.  Most religious systems that involve "mystical experience" use some method 
of  altering states of consciousness.  This can include pharmacology and 
restricted diet.  A more common method is rythmic music and motion.  Such 
rythmic music would stimulate emotional response in the lymbic system while 
the rythmic motions would stimulate the cerbellum.

My hypothesis is that 
certain types of cerbellar stimulation affect not only the lymbic system but 
concurrently affect the temporal lobe, thus facillitating the religiously 
estatic experiences.

Since posting a request for data, I have received an e-mail from the 
University of Wisconsin neuroscience lab stating that they have established 
neural links between the cerbellum and temporal lobe.

I would very much appreciate any input.  Please direct input via e-mail as I 
am not always able to peruse the newsgroups.

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