Neural Prothesis

Stefan Hinterkeuser uzs422 at
Sun Jun 4 07:54:53 EST 1995

Hello Netsurfers !

I'm search the net for about one week ! I'm hoping to find some
help in this newsgroup:

I'm a student of Biology - mostly interested in neuroscience - 
at the University of Bonn, Germany. In about four weeks I have to
speek about the topic: "Neural prothesis". So this could be a very
widespread topic I will give you some idea of what I think about:

Does anybody know something about artifical organs (electronical), artifical
neurons (I found a last one articel about a artifical neuron based on silicium
etc.), the combination/link of artifical organs (like eyes, hands, nose etc.)
to humans etc ??? Microcomputers that control hands, legs etc. by people who's 
spinal nerve has been injured ?

If you have an idea where I can get more information, or if you have
an articel that could be interesting to me write back:

uzs422 at

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