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Wise Young wisey at nyc.pipeline.com
Mon Jun 5 04:08:30 EST 1995

In article
<Pine.A32.3.91j.950602095727.94274A-100000 at homer03.u.washington.edu>, C.
Wigren writes: 
>To Whom It May Concern: 
>Sometime in mid May a subscriber posted a message regarding  
>schizophrenia.  It was very in depth and interesting. I think the  
>subscriber who posted it was Malchal..? and it was particularly memorable 

>since its author accidently posted the same message several times.  I  
>would appreciate a copy of this message since I never had a chance to  
>copy it.   
You can look in the archives of this newsgroup, accessible through at the
following web site <http://www.bio.net:80/ > or through gopher at
0R0-805-/NEUROSCIENCE/9505 gopher.bio.net 70.  I took a quick look and
found a couple of messages of schizophrenia.  Will send by email. 
>Carl Wigren 

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