trasimenus at IOL.IT trasimenus at IOL.IT
Wed Jun 7 11:48:24 EST 1995

Hi! I'm posting this message trying to collect as many informations
as I can about a disease that is killing a friend of mine, in Italy.

I've been told that researches are still at a starting point, for
what concerns this disease, but I'm hoping to know a little bit more,
and maybe to find someone who can help us by posting this article.

I'm not a medical expert, therefore I'm posting this message I think
it can be useful.

Sorry if I'm not in the right news group.

Instead, if you have any kind of informations, news, articles, or
even if you know someone who can help me, please reply by e-mail at
my address: trasimenus at iol.it


Here is what I'm looking for:

I dont know if the disease that suffer my friend is Primary Lateral
Sclerosis, or Progressive Lateral Sclerosis.

His relatives are almost desperate, because they can not find anyone
to help them, in Italy.

Therefore I'm trying to contact as many people as I can.

PLEASE, if you can help me, PLEASE...contact me!

THANKS, and sorry for bothering who's not interested.


Orlando Moretti
via Piselli 6
06061 Castiglione del Lago (PG)

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