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So Many Ailments, So Little Time! (Was Re: ? Epilepsy?)

COLLEEN M. SPECHT v102nq9f at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Thu Jun 8 15:39:10 EST 1995

>In <3r1qjm$3ho at aladdin.iii.org.tw> siupakmd at pc2.hinet.net (Siupak Lee,
>M.D.) writes: 

(much stuff deleted about genuine concern about educating patients and
encouraging them to seek medical advice) 

>>>Perhaps we need to take a second look at how we talk to our patients,
>>Yes. A lot of doctors don't know how to communicate properly,
>>including me. :)
>>Siupak Lee, M.D.

TO WHICH  arbor at ix.netcom.com (Zeda Ass'n [Ralph Burr]) writes:

>Permit me to correct you, doctors -- MOST doctors do not know how to
>communicate with their patients. And, never will! DELEGATE some of that
>activity to your assistants. They are closer on a peer level to your
>patients, anyway. For the specific patient with high self-importance,
>you may have to be the one, but very seldom otherwise.  

(much of the same deleted)


you know, sometimes this group really irritates me!!!

to ralph burr:

1) these physicians were having an honest (and humbling)
   interchange about patients who do *not* seek medical attention when it is
   necessary.  furthemore, they did *not* claim to know how to speak to their 
   patients at all times.

2) how do *you* know that most doctors don't know how to speak to their
   patients?  have you spoken to most doctors?  i haven't, but have found in my
   experience that most of the doctor's *i* have talked to do know how to talk
   back to me.   i am not interested in arguing this point - it is just
   erroneous to say what you have said.

3) it is true that nursing staff and administration might have more time to
   offer a shoulder or answer some questions for the patient (i assume) - but
   some questions are not appropriate for a nurse to answer, and i (apparently
   of high self-importance) would prefer to get those questions answered by the
   physician, thank you.

who put the bug you-know-where to you?  geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you forgot to do your breathing excercises today!!!!!!!

colleen specht

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