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Barriers in Neuroscience?

quark eet at hopper.unh.edu
Thu Jun 8 18:59:20 EST 1995

usenet.ucs.indiana.edu> jbgabbar at ucs.indiana.edu (jeffrey brown gabbard) writes:
>As for "educating the public about science", I have no answers, but I do
>have concerns. I saw a show on PBS about "scientific creationism". (a REAL 
>oxymoron) Anyway these people want to try and "prove" that the earth is 
>only 6000 years old, evolution never occured, and the Grand Canyon was 
>formed in a matter of weeks.  As if that isn't spooky enough, in some 
>communities school boards are wanting to teach these ideas along side 
>accepted scientific ideas.  How do you educate these people about science?  

First, subscribe to talk.origins, read their FAQ; subscribe
to NCSE Reports, which monitors such political manuevering, and read their 
journal 'Creation/Evolution' which gives scientist's rejoinders to 
common Creationist bunk.  Then, rather than try to educate the Creationists,
which is nearly impossible, speak openly against them, publish 
editorials, be generally prepared for it to happen in your home state, as
it did here in NH.  

Don't enter into a debate with one without a LOT of preparation and 
contact with people from NCSE.  Some Creationists are superb 
debater/rhetoreticians, and usually end up looking right.  There are a 
few scientists who can occassionally sucessfully debate people like 
Gish, but the amount of preparation involved is astounding.

P.S.  NCSE (National Center for Science Education) is located in
Berkeley, CA.  They sell pamphlets on the issue, and even have an 800 
number to call in a 'crisis' (e.g., Duane Gish is coming to town, what
can I do?  I called with this last winter, and they prepared four 
tough questions for me to ask Duane from the audience!).


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