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Neuophysiology of vision

Steven Funk wf906 at freenet.Victoria.BC.CA
Fri Jun 9 14:33:36 EST 1995


	I was just wondering if somebody could help me out with
some questions about Hubel and Wiesel's work, and the stuff that
came after.

	In patricular I am interested in knowing whether there
was any testing of multiple cells for a given receptive field.
By this I mean, did they find the ercep

...Sorry, I'm working on a terrible freenet text editor..

	To continue. Did they find the receptive field for a 
cell and the check to see how that field effected neighboring

	The reason why I'm asking is that I have developed a 
connectionist model of some aspects of vision (based on 
empirical studies).  The model works very well, but the 
final set of connection weights ended up looking like the
center-surround cells that Hubel and Wiesel discribe.  But,
theres one exception.  The fields in my model overlap.  I'm 
looking for physiological evidence that this might have
happened in the cells the H and W examined.

	Anywho, please respond to my email address:

	wf906 at freenet.victoria.bc.ca


	Steve Funk

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