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HELP! Please give us an answer!!!

pcp at dsp.com pcp at dsp.com
Sat Jun 10 23:08:49 EST 1995

I hope someone can give us an answer, and I really would appreciate any
reply that could give a direction to move towards. My wife is 31 years
old and has been of of work with neck and back pain for the last fours
years. She has been treated by a neurologist for the past four years,
and he has not been able to pin point the problem. The diagnosis is that
she has chronic back pain, secondary to multilevel degenerative disc
and joint disease along with heightened paracervical muscle tension
syndrome. The problem is that as of late, she has been experiencing
muscle spasms in her chest and rib cage area, and her back and neck pain
has also increased in intensity. She has been , and still is, on
numerous anti-inflamitories, muscle relaxants, and pain medications. She
was rated for worker's compensation purposes as permanent and stationary
for her injuries, but in reality, her condition seems to have worsened.
The doctors she has seen say there is no known cure for her pain. That
only time will allow the muscles to relax, and there for, the pain
should subside. Hardly the case. She was a baker for a large grocery
store chain before her injuries, which began as just back pain, which
did not allow her to continue to work. She has been through several
MRI's and mylagrams with no clean cut explanation of her pain. Physical
therapy seems to help to a point, but does not cure her problem all
together. If anyone knows of any doctor or hospital, or have heard of
such a case, I would really appreciate the information.
Please e-mail any info to me at  PCP at DSP.COM
Thank You, Pete
p.s. Her physical therapist of 2 1/2 years has made mention to the
sympathetic and autonomic nervous system, but her neurologist suggested
that the therapist stick to physical therapy...could this be it?

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