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>>    The olivocochlear bundle was described in about 1942 by
>>    Grant Litzter Rasmussen (1904-?).  Does anyone know any more
>>    about him?  Is he still around?  He was a prominent American
>>    anatomist in the sixties.
>There exists a type of enciphalitis called "Rasmussen's encephalitis".  I 
>do not know whether it was named after G.L. Rasmussen.  You can find some 
>papers about this disease if you look into Medline.
>Hope this helps.
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Rasnussen's encephalitis is named after Dr. Theodore
Rasmussen of the Montreal Neurological Institute.

It appears that it may result from an autoimmune attack
on the GluR3 receptor subunit, possibly as a result of
cross-reaction against a viral antigen.

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