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Barriers in Neuroscience?

John Edstrom edstrom at Bubo.hmsc.orst.edu
Wed Jun 14 14:19:58 EST 1995

Crwydryn (crwydryn at aol.com) wrote:
: It occurs to me, also, that the people who advocate "Creation Science" are
: usually in favor of the Judeo-Christian version of creation.  I remember

Does it really matter?  Creation Science[sic] is not and never can be
a science.  Anyone who advocates teaching it in a science class is
ignorant, stupid, dishonest or some combination of the three.  Nobody
who advocates Creation Science[sic] being taught in a science class is
clearly not competant to form an opinion worth listening to.

: hearing about a case in Arizona at one point where the local school board,
: after much pressure from "Creationist" Christian groups, mandated that if
: evolution was taught, "Creation Science" must also be taught.  An
: enterprising teacher did some research, and then taught her class the Hopi
: version of creation.  Needless to say, this was *not* what the
: Creationists had in mind, and the mandate was dropped.  Basically, I see
: the "Creation Science" movement as an attempt to indoctrinate children in
: Christianity through the public schools, which I believe is highly
: inappropriate.  Public schools are for *everybody*, not just for
: Christians, and they should remain that way, even if the majority of the

More to the point, biology class is for science, not bronze-age
superstitions.  The seperation of church and state is an important
freedom and well worth fighting to preserve.  Still, it is not the
only (or even the main) issue in excluding Creation Science[sic] from
biology or other curricula.

: people in this country are Christian.  The whole reason for the separation
: of church and state thing was to *prevent* religious minorities from being
: trampled by the majority.  Religion is certainly important, but it is a
: very private thing, based on faith, not evidence, and belongs in the
: family and places of worship, *not* in a science class.

: Wow...okay, I guess I've ranted enough here.....

:                                                            Crwydryn  (the
: Wanderer)

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