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fMRI approaches??

Kevin Spencer kspencer at s.psych.uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 14 10:22:57 EST 1995

krgibson at aol.com (KRGIBSON) writes:

>As an anthropologist interested in the evolution of the brain, I have
>always been dismayed by the failure of neurologists to attend to
>tool-using activities, even though these are among the behaviors in which
>humans clearly excel apes.  Constructional activities would also be of
>interest - e.g. simple things like building structures of tinker toys and
>complex stacking of blocks.  All humans children given these toys use them
>constructively.  Most apes and monkeys do not.  What part of the brain
>mediates these activities.

Well, neurologists probably aren't interested in the neural systems
underlying tool-using because they're focusing on medical problems, but
cognitive neuropsychologists do indeed study this.  There is a family
of syndromes called "apraxias" which are disorders of movement.  They
are typically caused by left hemisphere (LH) lesions, because the LH
is important for sequencing (e.g., linking motor actions).  Posterior
lesions can affect the perceptual representations underlying the concerned
movement, and anterior lesions can affect the movement-control centers

I am by no means an expert on this -- for more information, you can check
any neuropsychology textbook.


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