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Neuophysiology of vision

Marc Green green at trocaz.yorku.ca
Thu Jun 15 08:23:26 EST 1995

Steven Funk (wf906 at freenet.Victoria.BC.CA) wrote:

: Hi,

: 	I was just wondering if somebody could help me out with
: some questions about Hubel and Wiesel's work, and the stuff that
: came after.

: 	In patricular I am interested in knowing whether there
: was any testing of multiple cells for a given receptive field.
: By this I mean, did they find the ercep

: ...Sorry, I'm working on a terrible freenet text editor..

: 	To continue. Did they find the receptive field for a 
: cell and the check to see how that field effected neighboring
: cells. 

: 	The reason why I'm asking is that I have developed a 
: connectionist model of some aspects of vision (based on 
: empirical studies).  The model works very well, but the 
: final set of connection weights ended up looking like the
: center-surround cells that Hubel and Wiesel discribe.  But,
: theres one exception.  The fields in my model overlap.  I'm 
: looking for physiological evidence that this might have
: happened in the cells the H and W examined.

: 	Anywho, please respond to my email address:

: 	wf906 at freenet.victoria.bc.ca

: 	Thanks

: 	Steve Funk

Let me get this straight: you are trying to create a credible model of
vision and you don't even know the basic literature? 

What's the matter, can't find the answer to your question in 
Scientific American or Trends in Neuroscience? I guess you'll just
have to read the 1500-2000 original source articles like the rest of
us did in order to have some understanding of the field.

Marc Green

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