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EMG Questions

Erik Nordh, Dept. Clin. Neurophysiology erik.nordh at neuro.umu.se
Fri Jun 16 03:13:02 EST 1995

In article <3rnl4u$a7 at news.ysu.edu>, an283 at yfn.ysu.edu (David M. Costello)

> I recently had an EMG [at my neurologists office] and was informed
> that my arm/leg tingling and incoordination is due to a slowness
> [if you will I'm a layman/patient here] in the pathways between
> my brain and peripheral areas.  He called this a peripheral neuropathy
> Could someone give me some areas to explore/educate myself on this
> condition?  I've been 'afflicated' with this for a year and am
> very frustrated by the slowness of the diagnosis [three MRIs were
> all negative for lesions].  Is this condition _reversible_ or
> does it get progressively worse.  I am a very healthy,active
> 40 something and this is really new and scary to me.
> TIA [Hope this is the correct forum]

Neuropathies exist in *many* forms; thus it is almost impossible to guide
you to relevant litterature (which then also should be meaningful to read
for a non-expert). My suggestions for you to get further:

1. Ask your doctor about more specific information about your condition!
It's any doctor's obligation to explain his interpretations of his
findings, in a way and a language that is comprehendable to the patient.
On the other hand, it's necessary to have an understanding for that the
doctor is merely a 'medical detective' - sometimes findings are ambigous
and it takes time to solve a case!

2. If you need an explanation of the result of the EMG-investigation which
was performed; try to get a (complete and) detailed description of the
particular findings. A properly performed EMG-investigation is in it self
a highly specialized neurological examination, where the actual procedure
is determined by the findings in the ongoing examination. The details in
the description might give clues about to which area your doctors' work
and ideas have been directed.

As you understand from this, it's from the facts given impossible to say
anything about the future development of your signs and symptoms!



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