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CBS News: Negative ion therapy for depression / anxiety

Evan B. Stubbs estubbs at orion.it.luc.edu
Sat Jun 17 08:56:24 EST 1995

James J. Herlburt (jjh37997 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu) wrote:
: >Now really Dan....Please. Perhaps this was the story that led to the
: >final demise of Connie Chung with the CBS evening news. I try to have an
: >open mind about these 'things'. But a negative ion generator? What is a: >negative ion generator? I think most of us realize what happens if one
: >generates an electrical potential difference between an object and, say
: >ones finger. Zap!

: >Evan
: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: Hello Evan,

: just a little bit of advice. Before you go an lecture somebody you might want
: to find out what he is talking about. You state that you don't know what a
: negative ion generator is but still feel informed enough to flame him
: with your ignorance. Zap!

: There is a good body of research showing the the use of negative ions,
: NOT ionizing radiation, can be useful in treating depression.If you want
: to educate yourself on the subject you could e-mail Dan asking him for his
: information or you could mail me and I would be happy to help you.

: Jim.


Hello Jim,

Your correct, I'm am ignorant about negative ion generators. I remain 
confused as to how a negatively charged particle produced by a device can 
have an effect on the central nervous system. 

My note was not intended to offend, but rather invite a more extensive 
discussion on what CBS considered a news worthy subject. Indeed, that 
fact alone suggests the idea has merit.

I'll bite, explain how a device which generates negative ion particles 
through space can correct or ameliorate a central nervous system disorder.

For the many who suffer from depression, I truly hope this device works. 
But until proven, I must remain doubtful.

Dan, I appologize for my inflammatory note. 


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