mechanical disturbances and brain

Laura Margulies lmarguli at nova.umuc.edu
Mon Jun 19 14:48:12 EST 1995

Ronald Petrarca (nor at gwis2.circ.gwu.edu) wrote:
:      Does anyone have any information pertaining to the skull's and 
: cerebrospinal fluid's ability to shield the brain from mechanical 
: disturbances? I am especially interested in knowing if their is a 
: threshhold below which all mechanical vibrations are dampened! In other 
: words, do minor very minor mechanical disturbances have an effect on the 
: brain?
I have researched the literature on minor head trauma, and though I 
cannot comment on the dampening effect of CSF, I can comment on g forces 
in general. My e mail address is lmarguli at nova.umuc.edu.

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