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pheochromocytoma cell lines

Ian Musgrave IAN-MU at med.monash.edu.au
Wed Jun 21 17:43:52 EST 1995

G'Day netters

In article <1995Jun20.114940.178 at chmeds.ac.nz> araizis at chmeds.ac.nz writes:
>From: araizis at chmeds.ac.nz
>Subject: pheochromocytoma cell lines
>Date: 20 Jun 95 11:49:40 +1200

>Has anyone had any experience in growing pheochromocytoma cells e.g. PC12's?
>Any info on how fast the cells divide, and whether they are reasonably robust
>would be greatly appreciated,


I grow them routeinly. I use DMEM with 5% glucose, 5% foetal calf serum and 
10% sheep serum (usually people use 10% horse serum, but our lab doesn't have 
it) 37deg C 5% CO2. In my hands (and most other peolple I have met) PC-12s 
are extremely robust. When first thawed out from storage, they take some time 
to get up to speed, often requiring up to a week incubation before you can 
split them. However, once established they divide reasonably rapidly. I 
currently have a 2-3 day turn around for confluent cells. Getting the plating 
density right helps a lot. I split a confluent 75mm flask into 3x 75 mm 
flasks.  Another  trick I learnt was to add up to 10 mls of preconditioned 
medium back to the cells when splitting them, that certainly speeds things up.

Differentiating them is much slower. It requires 7-14 days treatment with NGF 
to get good processes and neuronal morphology.

Cheers! Ian
Ian Musgrave PhD. Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research
Mail: PO Box 5152 Clayton, Vic 3168, Australia. FAX: +61 3 550 6125
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